Tajima Cattle

Tajima Cattle: Producers of the World's Finest Beef
Ask meat lovers what they regard as the finest premium beef in the world and a majority will most likely answer with either Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef or Omi beef. It is their flavor, melt-in-the-mouth tenderness and fatty, well-marbled texture that have given them worldwide recognition and a place in the hearts of meat lovers. Another characteristic these culinary treats have in common is that they all come from Tajima cattle, Japanese Black, which are native to Hyogo Prefecture. The demand for Tajima cattle is so great that even commercial farmers from other regions of Japan purchase calves born in Tajima.

So, what are the husbandry secrets responsible for producing such delicious beef? Contrary to popular stories which describe a lavish lifestyle of beer, massages and classical music, the reality is very different. Selective breeding, attentive care in a stress-free environment and a special diet of grains and grasses with nutrition-rich, compound feeds are the factors that ensure Tajima cattle become the premium quality beef meat lovers crave.

How to get there

By public transportation
Take the Zentan Bus for 25 minutes from Yumura Onsen Station.

Hours: 10:00-20:00 (reception closes at 19:00)

Address: 1371, Yu, Shinonsen Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Tajima Airport


Thursdays (open on National Holidays during spring, summer, and winter)

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